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Due to the high cost of research and development of our 2TZ-FE engine, most specifics will not be disclosed, i.e. bore, stroke, compression, cam grind, induction. For those of you who know us and the van you know that we were competing against TopLine for the coveted Top Speed Record for the Mini-Van Class.

Suspension & Footwork

18 x 8 ultra-lite wheels

225-40-18 goodyear GSC's

Aluminzed Powder coated calipers and rotors

Green-Brake Pads, 50/50 street

Coil-over racing suspension

Front & Rear Camber kits

Oversized sway-bars

Poly-urethane bushings

ATS-BM Bump Stops



Bored Block

Bored Head

Butchered Crank

Rods & Pistons Forged

Titanium Springs & Retainers

Stainless .5mm over valves

Topline Cams

Apex'i Turbo

Apex'i Wastegate

Apex'i BOV

Trust R33 Intercooler

HKS Hi-Flow Air Intake

Optima Yellow Top Battery

Denso Plug Wires

Iridium Plugs

Head Gasket 4-layer

Takero's Straight Pipe(stainless)

Custom canister,70mm inlet, 115mm tip

HKS engine oil(green)

BLITZ transmission oil

Toyota "red" coolant


Takero's Full Front Bumper w/ fog lamps

Takero's Full Rear Bumper

Takero's Flat Door Panels

Takero's Side Skirt

Ken's Style Grill & Eye Garnish

Paint custom work by Charlie

5% Tint, all-around

Gigalux lights, all around

Shaved Emblems


***FRONT STAGE-Audio & Visual***

6.5 inch Flat LCD Screen


Pioneer CD/Tape Color Changing Head Unit

Kenwood 5 1/4" 3-ways

Kenwood super tweeters

***Rear Stage-Audio & Visual***

13" Sharp LCD Flatscreen

Sony PS-One

Kenwood 6 1/2" 3-ways

Kenwood super tweeters

RF Punch Power 12" sub

MTX Blue Thunder Pro

Phoenix Gold cables, patch chords & wires

Sony multi audio/video selector switch

Sony 500 watt ac/dc invertor